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Friday, February 20, 2004


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Friday, January 16, 2004
Excellent material on Port numbers

I found an excellent site where all the all the port numbers are mentioned, which are categorised by well known ports, registered ports, and dynamic and or private ports and the link here has a detailed version. A excellent list and is very much updated. A must have knowledge for aspiring Security Professionals.

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Monday, January 12, 2004
General Security Concepts

Now as I start reading the first chapter of my primary book and then finding extra material on the internet or on other books I have allready started to see different point of views between different authors.

Chapter 1. General Security Concepts

Information Security includes three main areas:-

1. Physical Security

2. Operational Security

3. Management & Policies

Other point of view can be found out from & other point of view which is a bit different is pointed here .

1. Physical Security:- three components of physical security

a) Securing physical location

b) Detecting a penetration or theft

c) Recovering from the theft

Some other views from the internet are mentioned at & & 

2. Operational Security

Operational Security is about how things are done in an organization from a systems point of view which includes computers, networks, communication of systems and how information is managed into an organization.

It includes policies, topologies, operational issues like backups and network setups and access controls

3. Management and Policies

Management and Policies provide the rules, policies, guidelines and procedures for implementing a secured environment. The policies that are needed to secure the network are administrative, disaster recovery plans (DRP's), backup, design, information policies, Security, Usage and user management policies.

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Sunday, January 04, 2004
The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security

"The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security
" --> This is the name of the book that I am reading at the moment, written by Kevin Mitnick and William Simon. While doing some initial searching also found some information which might not be found in the book (not sure whether it is really printed or not), but looks like it won't be availabe in the book. This read can be found here. Worth reading, it is quite interesting....

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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Welcome to 2004

Well the New Year is allready here, I wish myself and everybody else on the face of the earth, a very Happy & Prosperous New Year, try to do as many good dids as you can and make this world a better place, please :).

Apart from that, I went to the local bookshop here, and was overwelhmed by the no. of books they had on security and on crytography.Woooow said I. As for the web, one news is on the internet today and it is everywhere, I think you should have a look at it too and saluate the man who invented Internet and who inspired people like us to get into security, so we can make his invention a better thing (may be not the right word, I think it should be place instead of thing) to use. Yes I am talking of Tim Berners-Lee. I am not being sarcastic, just imagine the world without Internet, the first thing I can think of is, you won't be reading this page without the existence of Internet. Tim, 1000 Salutes from Aspirer and billions of others who use the Internet for good or bad.


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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Happy New Year To You All

Hi All my friends and fellow readers,
Another year is passing by and it leaves me with a bit of guilt as I feel that less was done this year in terms of personal studies, anyway I wish myself better luck for next year. I wish you all A Happy New Year and hoping that your wishes dreams come true this year and bring all the happiness that you want in your life.


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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Another interesting link

While just before saying a goodnight today, I was surfing over some Blog directories and Blog Feeds, and guess what I found, I found this interesting link. 'The title of the Blog is Eight Simple Rules of Security'. enjoy the reading and thanks to the author.

Good night.

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What is 'Information Security' anyway

Information Security is also called 'Infosec' in short and the word Infosec comes from the miltary.

There are many broad definitions of 'Information Security', but the one I like which is short and sweet is this one from Curtin University--What is Information Security. One important note to remember is that Information Security is more than just about computers and securing computers. Having said that, protecting your computers, systems and information physically is a part of 'Information Security'.

InformIT has publised a very nice artilce on defining and explaining 'Information Security', the article also explains what a 'Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)' is and explaining in brief all the 10 domains of CBK.

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Monday, December 29, 2003
Sources for preparation

Although I intend to use many sources for preparation for Security+ exam and to learn related terms and technologies, just to make sure that I cover all the objectives, I wll be using one base book, which will be Sybex Security+ authored by Michael Pastore. The second and most important resource would be Internet.:)

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Introduction to Security+ Exam

Well as for the exam, this is an entry level certification in Security Arena. The domains that will be covered are as follows:-


 General Concepts  30%
 Communication Security  20%
 Infrastructure Security  20%
 Basics Of Crytography  15%
 Operational/Organizational Security  15%
More dtails about the domains and the contents covered is found from Domains Objectives

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This Blog is dedicated to Security Related Studies and I will start that with Comptia's Security+ Certification..

The other two blogs that I intend to maintain are Security Digest.
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