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Sunday, December 28, 2003
The Place to Start preparing for this Certification

THE first place to start preparing for this Certification would be to visit Comptia's website and look at the objectives of the exam. In my view, Security+ being a entry level security certification touches many different domains and gives a brief overview of them. This is a starting point Start Here. The objectives can be found out from Objectives.Five domains are included here, and I think I will love them all:).

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What Will This site be?

Before Starting to blog this site, I will make some objectives of this Web Blog. I want this Blog to be dedicated to my Security Studies. My first step towards security studies it to acheive Comptia Security+ Certification. Not that I will only be discussing things related to Security+ Certification and objectives, but also on other security related stuff that interests me. I have added a script, by which people visiting this site can add the comments to my posts and I think that is important for me and also to keep me motivated. Incase if you want to contact me, you can mail me at 'tejaaa @ hotmail .com' (this is intentional). Regards, Aspirer.

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This blog will be initially dedicated to Security related studies starting from scratch. I am preparing for Comptia Security+ Exam and will add the topics related to exam objectives and related information.

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This Blog will be dedicated to security related studies

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This Blog is dedicated to Security Related Studies and I will start that with Comptia's Security+ Certification..

The other two blogs that I intend to maintain are Security Digest.
& IT Digest.

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