Entry: Welcome to 2004 Thursday, January 01, 2004

Well the New Year is allready here, I wish myself and everybody else on the face of the earth, a very Happy & Prosperous New Year, try to do as many good dids as you can and make this world a better place, please :).

Apart from that, I went to the local bookshop here, and was overwelhmed by the no. of books they had on security and on crytography.Woooow said I. As for the web, one news is on the internet today and it is everywhere, I think you should have a look at it too and saluate the man who invented Internet and who inspired people like us to get into security, so we can make his invention a better thing (may be not the right word, I think it should be place instead of thing) to use. Yes I am talking of Tim Berners-Lee. I am not being sarcastic, just imagine the world without Internet, the first thing I can think of is, you won't be reading this page without the existence of Internet. Tim, 1000 Salutes from Aspirer and billions of others who use the Internet for good or bad.



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